What are you doing!?!?!

Sorry it has been so long since i have written on here, we have been busy as bees. Festival season is just kicking off, and we have been putting a new set together so not to bore you to death :) We have been rehearsing this week for the summer as well as putting some new stuff together for something that I am not at liberty to talk about (or hoopes said he would beat me up). But keep an eye on our web site and tour dates... although they are few and far between they will still be fun and i would love to see all of you guys there. Keep an eye out for our fall tour announcement, i think that everyone will be stoked for this one. I know I am. Anyway, sorry for not posting in a while, i have been attempting to be normal on the days we have had home, and havent been spendin much time on the computer. See you guys soon!